In the interests of treating customers fairly and resolving debt as quickly and painlessly as possible, Wescot offers a range of services to assist each customer. Clearing debt in one payment is not always possible – the company is able to provide a tailored repayment plan based on what is affordable to the customer and with a payment date each week or month to suit financial circumstances. There are many different ways to pay, from a fast and secure online payment portal to standing orders and direct debits, cheques or postal orders, payments at local PayPoint outlets using a barcoded letter or by debit card over the telephone.

To help each customer manage their finances effectively, Wescot works closely with a number of free debt advisory services and is able to provide contact details for each of these. Whether a customer needs assistance creating a realistic household budget, planning for specific debt repayments or is looking for impartial advice on managing debt for the self-employed, free advice and assistance is always available. Wescot does not add any additional charges or interest to any account and all monies paid go directly towards bringing the amount of debt down.

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