Wescot | What to Expect When Dealing with a Debt Collection Agency

Generally, if you fail to make the payments on your debt or if you ignore the phone calls and letters sent to you by your creditor, it’s possible that your debt may be handed over to a debt collection agency. Your creditor may have enlisted the help of the agency to recover your debt or they may have sold them your debt, in which case you would owe the agency rather than your original creditor.

Wescot Credit ServicesIf you receive a letter from a debt collection agency, it’s important not to panic. Many collection agencies, such as Wescot, have strict codes of conduct and compliance regulations, so you can expect the agency to deal with you professionally.

It’s important not to ignore correspondence from a debt collection agency. While it may seem tempting to bury your head in the sand, unless you literally have no funds or are planning to file for bankruptcy, it’s advised to cooperate with the collection agency as much as possible. Usually, the longer you delay sorting the issue out, the worse it will become. Ultimately, if you do not pay the debt collection it can end up on your credit report which will detrimentally affect your ability to get credit in the future.

Don’t feel like you can’t negotiate with the debt collection agency. It’s often worth seeing if you can agree on an affordable repayment plan or even reduce the balance of the debt if you are really struggling.

Debt collection agencies will generally contact you by letter or by phone. If you would prefer just to be contacted by letter then you can request this. Many people find this allows them to document their correspondence with the agency better. A debt collection agency may also visit your house but only if there is no other way to contact you. It’s important to remember that a collection agency does not have the same power as a bailiff so you do not need to worry about having your personal effects repossessed at this stage. This can only happen following a court order or if you have an unpaid council tax bill.

Despite what you might think, dealing with a debt collection agency does not have to be scary or unpleasant. While you should simply ignore a letter from a debt collection agency, it’s worth making sure you understand what they are asking you to do before taking any action.