Wescot / Providing Trace Support for Remediation

Wescot is the only leading edge debt collection agency which offers diversification of four product areas, allowing them to support their clients at every stage of the credit cycle. The Wescot Credit Services locate products and services that have recently been put to further use, in partnership with Swift Advances in relation to a remediation exercise which was undertaken.

wescotAs part of a one-off exercise, Swift Advances wished to trace some 2,000 customers who had already paid off their loans in order to issue them with a relatively small refund. Wescot were asked to help by using their Locate experience, skills and technology in order to trace these customers. Within the space of just two weeks, Wescot were able to give positive trace results on almost 80% of all the customers, a far higher figure than Swift originally expected.

As part of the diverse, full credit cycle range of products on offer at Wescot, accurate locating has proven an invaluable tool. Through an extensive range of lead generation and trace products and services, Wescot are able to not only provide originators with validated data, but also to tailor a solution to the specific requirements of the Swift undertaking and deliver results which exceeded expectations.

Exceeding client expectations is part of the ongoing Wescot business model. As an ethical, customer-focused business, Wescot strives to remain the right choice for the customer and to deliver solutions which maximise profitability for clients, whilst also delivering achievable conclusions for the individual. The locate validation services provided by Wescot Credit Services work to re-establish contact between clients and individuals for the purposes of debt collection, pre sales and dormant accounts, and for verification of residency. Wescot also provide debt recovery services and outsource services to cover the full range of the credit cycle.

As one of the UK’s largest debt collecting agencies employing over 650 staff and working with five million accounts, Wescot take their responsibilities as market leaders seriously. Compliance is at the forefront of everything Wescot do. Not only does Wescot operate at an unsurpassed level of compliance, but it has also been responsible in part for shaping some of the current government legislation.