Wescot | Debt Recovery Improved by New Letters Management

While there is a large portion of business correspondence now conducted through emails, there is still a necessity for businesses to send out large volumes of traditional post, often Wescothe only option is to send letters out. There is a company that can assist in what can be such a time consuming and expensive exercise, Adare Limited specialise in cost effective large volume mail solutions. Adare place special emphasis on transactional mail, security print and direct mail operations and adhere consistently with the laws of the Data Protection Act, ensuring both their clients and recipients of the mail are protected. With an on-site production facility, Adare are also able to offer cheaper alternatives than their peers and a much faster mail service.

In keeping with Adare’s philosophy of speeding up large volume mail processes, they have also developed a software programme called SmartEdit. This enables clients to alter many letters far quicker than a traditional word processing suite, particularly when the letter contains stock information but there are minor alterations required such as address and name of recipient. By using SmartEdit, clients can quickly process large amounts of mail without having to go through each document individually and manually change the minor details. What this translates to in terms of Adare’s clients is primarily a much faster mailing system and a reduced cost for the business.

Wescot is a debt recovery company employing 650 people, with offices in the main HQ of Glasgow, Saltcoats and Hull. They regularly process 5 million accounts each year and as is the nature of their business, emails are often ignored. Therefore, Wescot need a fast and cost effective method that will deliver as many physical letters as possible, to this end the debt recovery agency turned to Adare Limited to service their mail. They also implement Adare’s SmartEdit system, because the letters they send out are often the same, apart from a change in name and the amount that they need to pay back to the client. Without Adare’s mail management and software, Wescot would take a lot longer to process each account and ultimately, not be as profitable as they are.

Adare Limited are a customer focused company that are committed to reducing the costs of large volume mail operations and speeding up the process of delivering hundreds of letters at once.

Accurate data helps Wescot maintain a first class service

Wescot Credit Services is a UK-registered company. This leading collections agency provides an excellent example to other organisations in the consumer credit sector. This is especially the case in relation to the emphasis Wescot places on treating customers fairly and on compliance.

Wescot Credit Services has been in existence for four decades. Over that time, the company has earned a reputation as a highly effective operator within the collections niche. It has carried out work on behalf of various different types of organisation. These include utilities, telecoms, banking, personal finance, retail and local government.

wescotWescot also has a highly effective locate team. Swift Cover, one of the country’s leading insurers, recently selected Wescot to complete a specialist-tracing project on its behalf. Swift was legally required to make small repayments to a large number of former customers. As part of this, approximately 2000 customers had to be traced. Because this was outside of the usual type of activities Swift is engaged in, the insurer did not have the resources or the expertise to carry out the tracing project itself. Swift chose Wescot as its partner. The choice was warranted. The Wescot locate team was able to track down 80 per cent of the individuals Swift was attempting to trace. This exceeded the insurer’s expectations.

The success of Wescot is due in part to the utilisation of the latest technology. This is especially the case when it comes to the company’s databases. Wescot goes to great lengths to ensure that its databases are as accurate as possible. This proved to be of particular benefit to clients looking for a fast, effective locate solution. In the project Wescot carried out on behalf of Swift for instance, the company was able to complete the job within a matter of weeks.

The maintenance of effective databases is also important to enable the company delivers a highly effective collections service. This means that Wescot employees are able to access completely up to date information about individual customers. This prevents time wastage. It also means that Wescot representatives are able to negotiate fair outcomes based upon a truly realistic picture of the customer’s current status. This therefore ties in very well with one of the key characteristics of the Wescot Credit Service business model: the fair treatment of customers. It also helps clients with customer retention.